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Dive into our large selection of body care carefully formulated with selective ingredients that are ethically sourced and all natural!

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Healthy Skin, Simplified.

KHAIRY SKIN is a luxury skincare brand that will answer to your every skin concern by bringing you exceptionally potent products formulated with some of the world's finest ingredients.

Our deep commitment in creating a more sustainable world, has been the core value behind every ethically sourced ingredient selected. We thrive to bring you amazing products that will not only make you feel good, but also help you cultivate radiance and bring out the best in you!

Gentle ingredients that work.

Pink Clay

Naturally rich in minerals and iron oxide, Pink Clay is a gentle cleanser that stimulate and revives the skin to reveal a brighter complexion. It is also a natural mattifier that helps absorb excess sebum from the skin.

Sea Bucthorn Oil

A powerful antioxidant oil that contains multiple nutrients and vitamins. Because of its high concentration of natural Vitamin C, Sea Buckthorn Oil fights wrinkles and a natural alternative to help combat acne.

Hemp seed oil

A non-comedogenic oil packed with powerful antioxidants and Omega acids (3, 6, and 9) all of which work together to help repair the skin barrier. Hemp Seed Oil hydrates and soothes inflamed skin and also helps regulate oil production.

Whether you prefer the warm sensation of a body butter melting onto your skin or the soft and silky feel of a whipped to perfection body cream, all of our body moisturizers are tailored to answer to your needs.


Nature is our greatest inspiration and the driving force behind each potent formula that we create.

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Every selected ingredient targets a skin issue aimed to give you radiant and noticeable results.

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So say goodbye to harsh synthetic and chemical ingredients in your skincare and come join us in the celebration of natural and cruelty free products that work in harmony with each of our unique bodies.

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Soft, Smooth Skin

A moisturizing non-sticky body butter made with organic ingredients to help heal dry cracked skin.

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